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Rome pulls real-time data from revenue control systems into a cloud database. You may then use any web browser to report, analyze, and compare your locations. Data that was once only available in the garage is now accessible to all levels of parking operator management as well as to the property owner.

Rome Provides:

  • Up-to-the-minute occupancy information, for both transient and monthly parkers
  • Standardized reporting for all locations, including extensive revenue and occupancy analysis
  • An automated feed of data to your revenue reporting system and General Ledger
  • Real-time alerts of problems at the garage
  • Reports to compare multiple locations at once
  • The ability to reprice existing tickets using proposed price structures
  • The ability to review ticket and access card usage details remotely
  • For many operators, a large benefit of Rome is the elimination of key entry labor. Revenue information can be pulled directly into Geneva or your revenue reporting system. This can be done nightly, so that a day’s revenues are ready for you at the start of the next day, both for monitoring and to be matched to bank deposits.

Real-Time Occupancy Data & Analysis Capabilities

Rome also can export real-time occupancy data to online mapping services, to help customers find convenient parking from their smartphone or navigation system.

Rome’s analysis capabilities enable you to easily answer questions like “what was the population of the garage at 10:00 AM every Friday this year”, “what is the maximum number of transient parkers on the lot in the last six months”, and “how has transient length of stay or revenue changed over the last year?”.

Wide Support for Popular Revenue Control Systems

Currently, Rome supports the Datapark, ScanNet, WPS, CALE, Automated Valet, Digital Payments, CVPS, ParkWhiz, and Ventek revenue control systems. We are in the process of adding support for additional systems.

Want to See a Demo?

To see Rome, please visit and log in as The password is: guest