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PARIS is the premier billing and accounts receivables system for people who own or operate parking facilities with monthly contract parking, permits, or billed validations.

With PARIS, You Can Easily:

  • Ensure that all active access cards are being billed
  • Ensure compliance with lease terms, including future rate escalations, minimum billings, and parker limits
  • Calculate prorations for new and terminating parkers
  • Collect automatic monthly payments through recurring credit card charges and bank drafts

Features You Won’t Find in Generic Receivables Systems

Because PARIS was built specifically for the parking industry, it offers features no generic receivables system can; such as tracking parkers by building tenant, category (reserved, non-reserved, etc.), and access card. Rate increases may be scheduled to automatically take effect in the future. PARIS manages your Waiting List, and produces charts and reports tailored for the management and audit of monthly parkers.

Easy Integration With Your Access Systems

PARIS is available either as a standalone system, or integrated with many popular card access systems. With an integrated system, PARIS becomes the front end for the card access system, eliminating duplicate key entry and allowing you to automatically block parkers for non-payment.


PARIS supports billing by Rate Code, where each parker is billed a specified amount each month, and it also supports billing by Contract, which allows for multiple levels of charges and minimum billings (or must-takes). Rate increases may be scheduled to take effect automatically at a future date.

For each Account, you may choose to bill every month, or only once per specified number of months. Before creating next month’s invoices, you may preview the billing for an account, or for all the accounts in a garage. PARIS not only tracks the actual amounts billed, but also the amount of any discounts included in the billing.

Late Fees may be billed with a variety of methods (flat fee, percentage of balance, etc.), and Past-Due notices may also be printed or emailed. PARIS supports multiple-level tax computations, and the calculation of special Parking Taxes, such as those for Miami and Baltimore.

Monthly Parker Web Portal
PARIS provides a web portal, branded with your logo and name, where parkers may sign up for monthly parking, view their account history, pay online, and manage their own parkers.

So that you can see a web site like your customers would use, we’ve set up a demonstration parking company. Nothing you enter on this site will be saved and no credit cards will be processed. To try out the site, click here, then login as The password is simply “password”.

After you explore the options for editing Account and Parker information, storing information for recurring payments, and viewing account history, click Find Parking at the top of the screen. You’ll need to search in Nashville, since that’s where the Demo Company’s fake parking locations are. Note that you can see the details of each Location, sign up to become a parker, or sign up for the waiting list if the Location (or type of spot you want) is full.

Account History
PARIS keeps complete Account History online for all active accounts. You may drill down on any item in the History to view its details, and you may permanently store Notes about the customer in its Account History.

You may customize your invoices with your logos and watermarks, and print messages to your customers on the invoices. You may also choose to email invoices, instead of printing and mailing them. If you have customers with parkers in more than one facility, you may use PARIS’s Invoice Builder utility to print a consolidated invoice

Automatic Payments
PARIS enables you to automatically charge your customer’s credit card to pay their monthly bill, or pull the payment from the customer’s bank account via an ACH. We support a variety of credit card settlement agents, and PARIS can create a NACHA format file for your bank to use to initiate ACH payments.

Customer Service Screen
The Customer Service Screen enables your phone operators to look up monthly parking near landmarks and immediately see availability, rates, restrictions, and any other details your prospective customer needs to know about the lot.

This screen also shows the current number of parkers, and the number as of the first of the next month, by Category of parker, with the number on the Waiting List for each Category.

PARIS provides for tracking receivables from billed validations separate from the monthly parking activity for each location.

You may print permits (hangtags) directly from PARIS, and you may verify permits’ Paid/Unpaid status from a variety of handheld devices.

PARIS produces nearly 100 reports, all tailored to parking management and auditing. A complete audit trail is provided for every transaction: who entered it, and when. Executive Scoreboard provides executive-level personnel a quick overview of their facilities, and numerous charts are available for presentation to management and property owners.


With PARIS integrated with your card access system, you no longer turn cards on and off with the access software. Instead, cards are automatically turned on as parkers are added to the billing system, and turned off when parkers are terminated from billing. On the Parker Edit screen, note the Effective Date and Termination Date fields. A parker’s access card will only begin working to enter the garage on the Effective Date, and won’t work after the Termination Date (if one is entered).

You may also mark accounts to be automatically blocked from the garage for non-payment, and unblock their cards with the click of a mouse when payment is received.

PARIS is available integrated with card access systems from SkiDataAmano McGann, DataPark, Scheidt-Bachmann, CTR, T.I.B.A., WPS, Ticketech, Flash PARCS, ZEAG, and Designa.


Below is a series of tutorial videos, designed to introduce new users to PARIS.

Because each topic builds upon preceeding ones, we suggest viewing the videos in the order they are listed. Please click on each topic to view the tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I restrict the number of active parkers an account has?
You may restrict the number of active parkers for each Account, Tenant, or per the Contract terms.

How does PARIS calculate prorations for new and terminating parkers?
Each garage may be set to calculate prorations by the half-month, on a daily basis, or on a 5-day-week basis, which is like calculating a daily rate, but not including weekends in the number of days in the month.

Does PARIS track Reserved Space assignment?
Yes, and PARIS also keeps complete history on which parkers an Access Card has been assigned to.

My facility offers new parker promotions: a certain number of months at a reduced rate, then the rate changes to the regular rate. Can PARIS automate the rate change?
Yes, when you set the account up, you’d indicate which Promotion to use and PARIS would bill the account under a reduced-rate contract for a set number of months, then switch to the regular-rate contract.

Can I control functions by user in PARIS?
Yes, PARIS has a security manager that allows the administrator to specify what locations a user can see, and what they are allowed to do in each.

Does PARIS support multiple concurrent users?
Absolutely, either across your local LAN or using Terminal Server or Citrix to provide remote access.

What database does PARIS use?
PARIS supports MS Access, SQL Server, Sybase, mySQL, and DB2.

Does PARIS integrate with Geneva?
Yes, payments may be exported from Paris to create a Cashier Report in Geneva.

Can PARIS export to my general ledger?
Yes, PARIS can export journal entries either on a cash or accrual basis.