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Geneva is an enterprise-wide revenue management system, built specifically for the parking industry. The system replaces spreadsheets used for ticket tracking, revenue analysis, budgeting, and rate projections, and posts results directly into your General Ledger. Geneva gives upper management instant insight into operational details, frees operations management from tedious report production, and ensures the accuracy, consistency, and ready availability of historical data.

Geneva uses Tickets Issued data, Cashier Reports, and statistical information to automatically produce reports such as the Ticket Summary with its Lost Ticket analysis, the Daily Statistics Report, and the Revenue Summary, which your staff most likely are having to produce with spreadsheets. Geneva can post the revenue information, plus your Bank Deposits, directly to your General Ledger.

Geneva also helps reconcile your bank accounts, calculates parking revenue budgets, and makes eye-catching charts for client presentations with the click of a button.

Geneva’s functions also include customer violation tracking, bad check tracking, and parking rate projection analysis.


Revenue Tracking
Using Cashier Reports and Tickets Issued information, Geneva generates a huge number of reports and charts that your personnel currently labor to produce with spreadsheets. A few of these reports include the Ticket Summary, Revenue Summary, the Composite of Cashier Reports for any period of time, and Location-to-Location comparisons.

These reports, and many other others, are available summarized by day, week, and month.

Bank Deposits
Geneva separates revenue entry from Bank Deposits, in much the same way that actual deposits may be made by someone other than location-level personnel (such as a moneycounter or armored-car service). Over/short is automatically calculated as the difference between the revenue reported by the Cashier Report and the actual deposit.

Geneva supports bank accounts used across multiple cities, and makes bank reconciliation simple.

General Ledger Export
Geneva provides the link between your operational reporting (Cashier Reports and Bank Deposits, for example) and your financial reporting (the General Ledger). Geneva can integrate with a wide variety of General Ledger packages, including QuickBooks, Timberline, Navision, Great Plains, MAS 90/200, MRI, Yardi and Platinum.

Geneva makes it simple to load your actual ticket values, averaged by day of the week, then project those averages and expected growth factors onto a future month. Geneva also helps you budget non-ticket revenues, such as monthly parking, with a similar calculator.

Rate Projections
It’s a snap to load actual ticket values and build analyses of what changing rate structures might mean to overall revenues.

Attached Documents and User-Defined Fields
In Geneva, you may attach related documents to almost any item you’ve entered. For example, if you’ve towed a vehicle, you might attach a digital picture of the illegally-parked vehicle to the Towing record. These documents may be anything you wish: pictures, scanned images, word-processed documents, etc.

Geneva supports an unlimited number of User-Defined Fields for tracking virtually anything that the system doesn’t already have built in. Separate groups of User-Defined Fields may be set up for each system (Bank Deposits, Cashier Reports, etc.).

Security Manager
Geneva includes a Security Manager which enables your system administrator to define which locations each user may see, which systems (Revenue Entry, Bank Deposits, etc.) they may run, and what they are allowed to do in each system.


Using an import utility provided with Geneva, you may import Cashier Reports, Tickets Issued information, and certain Statistical information for each business day from Rome (learn more about Rome here). Rome gathers this information in real-time from revenue control systems, makes it available for reporting and analysis via a web browser, and eliminates key entry by posting data to Geneva.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Geneva post to my General Ledger?
An export program extracts transactions from Geneva and either posts them directly to your General Ledger database, or writes them to a file for import to the General Ledger. The approach varies between General Ledger packages.

Can you customize the format of the Cashier Report?
Absolutely. For each location, there is a simple screen to set up the Cashier Report template. You use this to specify the ticket values, the types of non-ticket revenue (monthlies, car washes, etc.), the non-cash receipts (credit card payments, etc.), and the General Ledger account each should post to.

Does Geneva include Lost Ticket Analysis?
Yes. The difference between Tickets Issued and Tickets Cashiered (after taking the beginning and ending car inventory into account) is called Unaccounted Tickets, and you’ll see that number on the Ticket Summary and Daily Statistics reports.

Does Geneva support multiple concurrent users?
Absolutely, either across your local LAN or using Terminal Server or Citrix to provide remote access.

What database does Geneva use?
Geneva supports MS Access, SQL Server, Sybase, mySQL, and DB2.